Hair, Saliva, and Urine Testing Random Drug Testing Total TurnKey Administration Solution
Hair, Saliva, and Urine Testing
Random Drug Testing
Total TurnKey Administration Solution

Drug Testing in Tyrone, Georgia

Drug Free Works Associates, Inc., located in Tyrone, Georgia, began in 1993 as a  drug testing company dedicated to assisting employers and their employees throughout the state of Georgia in the implementation of the Georgia Drugs Don't Work Program with an incentive discount on Annual Workers Compensation Premiums. DFWA is now serving clients nationwide, as additional States pass legislation implementing Drug Free Workplace Legislation. DFWA is now a full service third party administrator of drug testing programs,
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Quality Drug Testing for Companies

Our company serves as collectors for large national laboratories such as Quest and LabCorp. We are paid a fee to collect test samples for each laboratory, which are then transferred via courier for testing.

Drug Free Works Associates, Inc. generally administers on-site drug testing also refers individual samples to federally certified laboratories for further confirmatory testing.

Turnaround time for these samples is usually 48 hours from collection..

For our clients' convenience, we produce a monthly newsletter that employers can duplicate and send home with their employees to help fulfill any requirement for employee or supervision Continuing Education as part of their drug free workplace program.

About the Founder

Dr. Paul Hagan, President of Drug Free Works Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the medical field, including clinical laboratory management, medical systems analysis and consulting, hospital and nursing home administration, industrial chemistry, and quality control chemistry.

His education and certifications include a Ph.D. & M.A. in health care administration, B.A. in chemistry and biology, certification as a clinical laboratory director, diplomat in laboratory management through American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). and classification as a medical technologist supervisor for the state of Georgia.

Please contact us today for additional information about random drug testing.
Our highly-qualified professionals work closely with your staff to implement a program that will work for you.

We Are Recognized by the Georgia State Juvenile Justice, Preferred Drug Testing Vendor for the Georgia State Chamber of Commerce,
& Official Drug Testing Vendor for Numerous Chambers of

Commerce, Police Agencies, Job Recruiters, Contractors, Government Agencies, & Healthcare Facilities.

For additional information about the effects of drugs on your body, please visit our facts page.



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