Hair, Saliva, and Urine Testing Random Drug Testing Total TurnKey Administration Solution
Hair, Saliva, and Urine Testing
Random Drug Testing
Total TurnKey Administration Solution

Third-Party & On-Site Drug Testing in Tyrone, Georgia

Drug Free Works Associates, Inc., located in Tyrone, Georgia, provides third-party and on-site drug testing for companies throughout the US.

Sale of On-Site Kits

Drug Free Works Associates, Inc. sells on-site drug screening kits and manages random drug testing and turnkey cost-effective programs for companies.

We utilize a specialized ICUP with an attached cassette to help determine the types of drugs in an employee's system. The entire process takes about 10 minutes to collect the results. If we find something suspicious in an employee's urine, we'll send the sample to a Federally Certified laboratory for official confirmation.

Drug Free Works Associates, Inc. also sells iScreen 5 Panel Urine Drug TestĀ Cassettes (COC/THC/OPI/mAMP/PCP) for companies. This kit requires a dropper to test the sample.

Third-Party Drug Testing

We monitor and administer drug testing programs for companies throughout the US in order to provide them with convenient and accessible testing.

If the testing is for a certification, we will meet with the company's management team and administer the testing. Once the results are collected, we'll develop a substance abuse policy for the company under the supervision of a medical review officer who will interview and deliver the results. This helps minimize litigation and ensures your employees are drug free and reduces the possibility of litigation against your company by removing you from the litigation loop.

For more information about our random drug testing services for companies, please contact us today.

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